What we need

From private philanthropy to large corporations, IRRI has been fortunate to receive support over the years from many generous individuals and organizations.

This is philanthropy and support focused on science and solutions, not just providing relief to chronic problems. Now, what the Institute needs is support in five key areas.


To generate new knowledge that is freely shared and will help us find exciting solutions to old problems.


To make sure a breakthrough really does improve the lives of those who need it most.


To educate the best and brightest young minds and attract world-class experts to solve some of the toughest scientific challenges facing global food security.


To maintain and improve IRRI’s world-class scientific facilities, including new laboratories, state-of-the-art equipment, and reliable, well-maintained infrastructure.

The IRRI Endowment

To protect thousands of rice varieties that IRRI keeps on behalf of humankind and ensure that these are available for everyone to use responsibly and productively, and support the Institute’s activities.

Support to IRRI can be directed to any of the four funds or to the IRRI Endowment, which supports the work of the International Rice Genebank and activities across the Institute.