About us

The IRRI Foundation is registered in Hong Kong as an international charitable organization that facilitates and encourages support for rice research—particularly the work of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)—from private and public donors in Hong Kong, Asia, and around the world.

The IRRI Foundation supports rice research to reduce poverty and hunger and improve the health and nutrition of poor rice farmers and consumers while protecting the environment. The IRRI Foundation also facilitates scientific collaboration and educational programs, sponsorships, and partnerships through conferences, events, and publishing opportunities related to the promotion of rice and rice research.

We Need More Rice, Climate Change or Not

We must produce an extra 8–10 million tons of rice every year to keep up with the expected demand. The pressure is unrelenting, especially in the face of climate change.

From Less Land

The rice-growing area in Asia is unlikely to increase much beyond the current estimate of 136 million hectares and even then it must be shared with other crops, ever-expanding cities, and other land use.

A New Generation of Young Scientists and Researchers

We urgently need to attract young scientists to rice research and train them so they can use the exciting new knowledge available to deal with the challenges we face.

Focus on Research

Investing in public research focused on sustainable solutions and the responsible use of the world’s thousands of rice varieties can help make rice affordable and abundant for all consumers and help energize economic growth.

Improved Technologies

Good research leads to productivity growth through improved technologies. Making sure these technologies get to farmers as quickly as possible is key to stabilizing rice prices.

And, We Must Overcome Rising Prices

Relentless demand and tight production put rice prices under constant pressure. Expensive inputs, a shortage of water, and increasing labor costs will keep the pressure on for the foreseeable future.